4 Zero UK

Watch below for an exclusive interview between Emily Bailey, an associate at 4zero.

4zero partners with companies who are working on great initiatives, helping them engage with the brightest minds in the market and deliver real change.

Just like Dizzitup, 4 Zero is founded on the Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line, balancing people, planet and purpose. The podcast involves CEO of Dizzitup Solofo Rafenombolatiana answering Emily’s questions about the future of creating a sustainable technological and financial world for Africa. 

Solofo discusses correcting the financial power issues of African households who cannot invest in new technologies. The two main issues discussed included the low quality of electricity and the lack of access to financial services. 600 million people suffer from lengthy, widespread shortages of electricity. The issue is not in funding the electricity it is also the financing of local providers of energy sourcing. 

Along with the product service offering of a DizziBox, DizzituP is providing an e-commerce marketplace where investments are made in PV solar and battery operated off-grid technology. The bottom line is providing autonomy and better social elevation for African communities. 

Emily discusses the energy and climate crisis of coal or gas and how DizzitUP is decentralised to focus on renewable electricity. Beyond such matters the problem of over 75% of African people who do not have a bank account is discussed. 

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